Friday, 8 November 2013

Security B-Sides DALLAS - Advanced Persistant Texans Y'all!

Hey Y'all - S'up?

And so it begins, my sad impressions of the Texan accent. Why? Because we were privileged to be the Media Sponsor of the 4th Dallas Security B-Sides this week. And a privelige it was. Having sponsored all three London B-Sides since its inception, I have deep respect for the idea of creating an event where like-minded security professionals share, without reward or expectation, their knowledge and experience.  This is epitome of the "Gift Economy" and I am convinced  that the truly useful ideas of this industry are born at B sides.

It's significant that the keynote speech at this most techie of events was entitled "Securing the human", delivered by Valerie Thomas (@hacktress09) , from Washington DC.  Restricted Intelligence fans will know why I am highlighting this fact - as believers that everyone can be their own CISO, we are thrilled to note that they see this as an area that warrants a keynote.

I am not the guy to do a complete review of the presentations (although as part of our sponsorship we'll be posting a teaser of every presentation given) but I do want to mention a couple of fantastic things I saw at this event. Firstly - plaudits to the chief organiser Michelle Klinger of American Airlines, and her co-ordinator Chris Botelho.   This was on elf the best organised events I've seen. Also - I got to meet (and interview) one of the founders of the Security B-Sides, Chris Nickerson. Below he tells us the story of how it all started...  

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  1. Nice blog Jim! We really appreciate your support and involvement in B-Sides.