Sunday, 27 April 2014

Ted Davis Part 4: Laughing leads to liking...

In this penultimate episode Ted explains why humour is dangerous, and what he thinks about people whop have an ugly laugh.

Spoiler Alert: Twist & Shout Media (creators of Restricted Intelligence) are in fact BRITISH.  Yeah. Deal with it. Ted clearly cannot.

Were The Beatles a comedy act? 

And why won't he tell us a joke?

If you'd like to get a closer look (and for you we'll actually run some finished episodes), come see us at Infosecurity 2014. Stand C74. Ted won't be around, so it's fine. For that matter nor will the Beatles.

You might share your annoying plough with us though?

If you are a CISO or at a similar position on the food chain, you might like to know that those lovely people over at Company85  are running a very special event at which yours truly will be helping to host. It's very limited spaces (at the time of writing there are only 5 spaces left). An evening of real-time peer discussions on all of the blisteringly hot topics of the week. Click here to see details.

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