Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Quick Round up on Infosec 2014

It’s been s few weeks now since Earls Court bustled with the heavy corduroy and cagoul of the infosec professionals uniform, in their throngs trudging wearily between free stress balls and the occasional (since the ban) leggy female who’s moonlighting between TOWIE episodes. 

 We’ve been busy responding to lots of requests for information from the lovely visitors we met on our standard I am happy to say that the response to season 2 has been fantastic. We were also there in the guise of media partners and were very busy shooting interviews and editing on site films every day for the events press team. From a Restricted intelligence viewpoint, it was very interesting to point out that even though the user awareness keynote session was completely packed to the gills, there seemed to be only two or three vendors offering communications support (including us) for IS teams to run effective awareness programmes. 

 I am sure this will change, because this issue is always on the agenda, regardless of how uncomfortable some security professionals feel about it. Apart from letting our US creative director, Robert McCollum, off the leash for a few days, which was fun, we also got to interview many of the industry’s heavyweights. Refer to the Infosec 2014 YouTube Channel  over the coming weeks to see a series of fascinating and insightful thought leadership pieces that we were proud to produce. 

 All in all it was a throughly enjoyable show - if exhausting. Next year - we will be back - only this time with even more seasons to show!

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