Thursday, 3 July 2014

Is a clean desk policy THAT hard?

I noticed this rather starchy report from CSO magazine from five years ago - it's very brave to walk around your OWN offices and make a report that is pretty critical at best. Especially if you are a security magazine.  We haven't dealt with this issue (general office housekeeping) yet at Restricted Intelligence yet - but it's possible we could make an episode in season 3.

I am wondering if we've evolved at all since 2009?

We made this funny little film a few years ago, to highlight the perils of a messy desk, for one of our valued clients.  See if you can spot the sensitive items in his desk?

Do you think this is still an issue? Do people STILL put post it's around the place with passwords on?  And the less obvious misdemeanours - do we still leave USB keys lying around, printouts, folders, recycling with sensitive stuff in it - not to mention spare access keys hidden under keyboards.

Or have we evolved?

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