Friday, 3 October 2014

Don't I know you?

There is a strange dichotomy occurring in the tricksy area of online privacy.  Everyone knows that the future of economic growth lies in the ability of innovative companies to connect with specific, niche markets to promote their creative products and services. Social media is now established as an essential way to create intimate business relationships online to make this happen. All good, sort of.  And we all leave a ton of stuff online in our wake.

We are by default, trusting souls (except for those few hardcore professionals in the security industry that have had this instinct removed at birth). We need to connect. We want to trust. We crave feedback.

But it’s this very instinct that creates a vulnerability in us all. And yet - would we do away with that faith in human nature that we love to see around us?  Those of you that know me realise that I am not a security professional - more of a lifelong student of the human condition. My creative industry experience helps me understand what makes people tick - and more importantly - recreate behaviours that look authentic on screen. So when i saw this little stunt being performed by OUR industry (Media), I realised that social engineering had become mainstream.

They managed to convince five very smart, media savvy delegates that they were old friends with someone they'd NEVER met before.

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