Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What Happens On Tour!

Welcome to the first blog post of 2015!

This week I am truly privileged to begin an extensive European presentation tour with FOX-IT, the respected cybersecurity firm.  As the after-lunch wake-up slot, I fully understand that I am the cuckoo in the nest, nestled between Maurits Lucas with his "From ZeuS to Dyre in 30 minutes” presentation, and John Solomon, explaining why FS-ISAC has never been MORE relevant for the international financial community.

Breathtaking views of Denmark and Norway (Oslo above - beautiful!) so far, and though it’s early days, I am struck at how open and friendly the vibe is here, amongst what can seem to be a very cloistered community.

As usual, I will be talking about using entertainment principles, and how it can be an important way to capture employees attention, and drive home the notion that information security is in the mainstream as far as employee communications is concerned - I mean - now there’s a SITCOM about it, right?

I’ll be using downtime to blog about the tour, and try to give you a flavour of the amazing cities, although I get about 60 minutes in each one to explore… so I guess it’ll be the Radisson Hotel, and the central station in each case ;-) as well as things I have learned about cybersecurity. All grist to the Restricted Intelligence mill as it were.

So - this week, Copenhagen and Oslo. Next week - Stockholm and Riga! Stay tuned...

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