Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Restricted Intelligence Season 4 is coming – and this time, it’s personal.

The most exciting part of the year for me (apart from Christmas with my kids) is the creation and production of the next Restricted Intelligence season.  Talking to customers about “the list”, getting feedback on cast members, scenarios, and deciding where we will be shooting it (India one day – promise) ;-) and then getting the band back together with the best production team on the planet – all with the sole purpose of creating information security resources you can be sure will engage your distractible, busy, sometimes cynical, employees…

So – what can you look forward to?

Well – there’s a couple of new characters.  First up is Mia, our gorgeous Singaporean Third Party app developer, in whom Ian instantly finds a geek soul mate.  He’s excited to say the least.

Then there’s Chester – who appeared in season 2 as the assistant to Ms. Reynolds – who has now been made full time – and is starting to buckle under the strain of (meta in-joke warning) less than inspirational, complicated anti-phishing computer-based training.

And finally, we’re very excited to reveal that a British cast member returns from a two season hiatus, to make a big splash in the US office.  But you’ll have to visit the website to see that one on our Season 4 page – which will be launched during the week of Infosecurity Europe 2016, across the road from Olympia, at our First UK User Group meeting, June 8th at the Blue Corner, 79-81 Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8UZ. There we will be premiering episodes, and have live (and via satellite) shenanigans from the UK and US cast.  All in all – an event not to be missed if you’re a customer OR someone who might be interested in joining our happy band of comedy campaign communicators (phew – all that alliteration has tired me out…).

Whatever happens – we look forward to meeting some of you and continuing our quest to deliver appropriate, entertaining and accessible awareness campaigns for a long time to come. For a list of the new season’s content points, just drop a note to Katie Byres on

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