Monday, 6 June 2016

Seize (Parental) Control!

A recent article in SC Magazine reported UK adults are clueless when it comes to finding advice about how to protect themselves online. Clueless.
Over two thirds (67 percent) of respondents say that they are fairly concerned about the risks of identity fraud when using online services, and 21 percent are very concerned. Only a third (33 percent) were able to identify Cifas' purpose as an organisation. Less than a quarter of men (19 percent) and women (23 percent) said they stopped using an online service due to the concern of their data possibly being at risk of identity fraud.
There are other equally alarming statistics, which you can find here.

And if the adults don’t know how to protect themselves, how can they possibly be expected to protect the kids?

Which is why, starting in June, Restricted Intelligence will premier the Parental Control films* (working title!), a series of videos to encourage parents to take more of an interest in what their kids are doing online and teach them simple ways to make safe online platforms for kids.

Oh. Did we mention they're free?

Over the course of three episodes, we’ll take the proven formula used in “Restricted Intelligence” (along with a few of the show’s actors) to create a show viewers will find entertaining, educational, and share-able.

And if that weren’t enough, the shows two main stars deliver unparalleled performances, according to our Creative Director, who through sheer coincidence happens to be their dad.

Stay tuned. The Parental Control films will be available here beginning in early June.


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