Thursday, 7 July 2016

One small step for Restricted Intelligence…

…One giant leap for entertainment-based awareness training.  

If I am running around the office like a 12-year-old on Red Bull, it’s because we are less than a week a way from our appearance at the UK’s National Space Centre, right here in our hometown of Leicester.  The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce is holding a cybersecurity conference and exhibition in the amazing surroundings of the rocket tower and the planetarium. We can hardly contain our excitement!  

We’ll be presenting some of our work in the 3600 HD planetarium, and I shall be speaking at 2.25pm on the best way to engage employees in a security culture, if you don’t own an actual rocket ship.  Jess & Katie will be on hand to show you new episodes of Season 4 in case you haven’t seen them yet. This is probably going to be the highlight of our year. Speaking as a 12 year old boy, that is.     

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