Thursday, 20 October 2016

Podcast Episode #3 - Cyber Security Month Special

Breaking with our usual schedule, we decided to put out a special episode of our podcast in honour of Cyber Security Month! This time Jim and Rob run through the details of the episode of Restricted Intelligence that we are giving away for free and that you can download right now (but only until the end of October - so don't miss out)!

We are also joined by Restricted Intelligence early adopter Arnold Felberbaum of Reed Elsevier, to talk about rolling out the series to a huge global enterprise. His experiences are an invaluable reference point for anyone on the brink of launching their first series, with great tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of the campaign.

Earlier this year Our Glorious & Honoured Leaders Jim & Rob also attended the World Domination Summit in Portland and got to sit down and interview Marsha Shandur, the business and networking genius behind Yes Yes Marsha.

What lies behind that Play button is a fascinating discussion about storytelling in business, and how there’s no better tool for marketing and networking. Marsha, Rob & Jim discuss;

      How people ONLY make decisions based on emotions

      How stories activate the limbic systems and instantly trigger people’s emotions - a story makes the listening feel as if they are IN the story

      The biggest mistakes in storytelling - what are they and how to avoid them

The interview contains a whole wealth of insights from one of the top names in networking. It’s an invaluable conversation that you should eavesdrop on right away!

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