Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Dont Panic! ... these people are professionals.

It would be fair to say that the last couple of months have been nothing less than epic. 

There are new Seasons of 'Tuesdays with Bernie' in the can plus all new stuff on Privacy and Healthcare polished and ready to go. We are also beyond excited to welcome our new 'Bernie' guy - Adam Unwin. And of course Charlotte is as ever the point of contact for all things 'Restricted Intel.' Obviously though, the big question is - 'what will we be pulling out of the bag for our legendary Christmas Viral?'

Here's a reminder of some of our mini Christmas epics

Flamethrower or tweezers? 

There is a concensus that while GDPR represents a massive challenge on a technical, planning and organisational level there will be an upside. Clearly preparation for it’s arrival represents a chance to weed out, prune and generally put a flame-thrower to superfluous or irrelevant data amassed over the decades as well as limiting and protecting future data. However another equally huge challenge and opportunity lies in the field of human behaviour. You could say the degree of success of the implementation of GDPR is potentially as varied as the leaves on the trees, or the blades of grass in the garden, in other words the individuals in any organisation or company. It requires awareness, understanding and engagement at a truly granular level. To borrow a line from Julian Jordan at SolaGroup, in his GDPR Summit event presentation,

'Computers don't make breaches, people do' 

So the paradox, to the individuals in an organisation, GDPR or information security can seem just plain banal or trivial. In fact not very engaging at all. And that is precisely where the danger lies. People might not value that information or regard it as being worthy of protection, and anyway,
‘… we’ve got security, right?’

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