Monday, 16 April 2018

'Facewotsit' or 'Instabook'?

The recent grilling of Facebook's dorm room tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, has made it eminently clear that personal data is not, well, personal ... or data. It is a commodity, that can be traded. Chillingly, and unwittingly our clicks may be influencing what brands are set before us, from garden furniture to our political options. No one, but no one, can be unaware of this, even our parents and grandparents, who watch TV news and ask us if we are on 'Facewotsit' or 'Instabook'? It's a mad, unstoppable chariot with bots and humans tethered together into an unpredicted future. The tech giants need to learn how take the reins, and we humans need to get a grip on our billions and even trillions of tiny individual click behaviours. 

Behaviour is our specialist area, here at Restricted Intelligence, especially bad or indifferent behaviour. We're also fond of boredom, bewilderment and that old favourite, denial. These are all fairly standard responses, though when it comes to a huge oncoming piece of regulation - GDPR, which has gone from an earnest legal drama to a full on West End extravaganza, with chorus line, orchestra and juggling elephants. 
So in that spirit, we've made a video, 'Five Things You Can Do for GDPR' which is aimed at outlining the basics, without frightening the horses: verifying data; locking down the data you do have; shredding anything you shouldn't have. If it's out of your pay grade or level of understanding, talk to management, hire an expert. And not someone who just read a blog on the subject. 

Watch 'Five Things you can do for GDPR' 

Check out the 'Restricted Intelligence Privacy Edition'

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